Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker Review

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The Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker is nice equipment for smoking beef, pork, chicken, fish and other edibles. You simply smoke all of these in one slot. The Gas Smoker is meant to conceal   smoke from your hardwood chips every time you put it into use.

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The Gas Smoker is well construction tightly as a brick smokehouse. It usually brings out all the best flavors in your pork, beef or chicken whenever you use it. The equipment is also very useful to all poultry lovers.  You can use it to smoke turkey weighing up to 15 pounds. This can only take you about 45 minutes per round.  If you’re thinking of smoking chicken laps and breast effectively, the Gas Smoker can do the job perfectly for you.  This gas meat smoker offers a lot of cooking grids for every part of the chicken or pork you may be cooking.

Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Smoker Features & Specifications

  • Gas smoker for outdoor cooking of meat, vegetables, and more
  • Push-button ignition; porcelain-coated wood-chip box and water pan
  • 3 cooking grids; variable temperature settings; magnetic door-latching system
  • 2 side handles for convenient transport; easy assembly; instructions included
  • Measures 16 by 14 by 34 inches and weights 59 pounds

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The Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker showcases with nice features for easy smoking of meats.  The outdoor leisure 34168g comes with multiple adjustment buttons that allow you to turn up the heat for easy temperature control.  It also comes with a cast brass burner which stands up to a high temperature when it’s working.  It has a nice porcelain-coated wood chip box which resists corrosion and scorching even during extreme heat conditions. The outdoor leisure smoker also has a nice porcelain-coated water pan which defies corrosion all the time. Other features seen in the equipment include magnetic  latching system that prevents leakages, a push button ignition  systems for easy starting,  temperature  gauge  for easy monitoring, 2 deluxe side handles for easy  carriage.

One good thing about the smoke hollow propane smoker is that it’s very portable. You can dismantle it and carry it along to camp grounds, picnics and tourism grounds. It uses propane gas which can easily be refilled when you exhaust it.  The equipment measures 16 x 14 x 34 inches.

Outdoor Leisure 34168G Review

As at the moment, the Gas Smoker has attracted about 23 positive reviews at Amazon.  Most of the reviews praised the awesome features of the equipment. All the customers who have used the product maintained that it’s very easy to use and operate.  You can easily set it up by reading the manual that comes with it.  Most of the customers also enjoyed using it. Click here to SAVE $39 on the Outdoor Leisure 34168G Propane Gas Smoker for a limited time only!

Currently, the Gas Smoker has attracted 4.4 out of 5 stars rating as seen in the Amazon portal. This shows how reliable it has been all these while.  As at the moment, there are no negative reviews or comments written concerning the product.  This also shows how good it has been.

Indeed, the Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker remains a unique smoker for everyone that enjoys cooking and smoking meats. It’s currently available for sale. Why not secure one today?

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (17 votes, average: 3.71 out of 5)
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